WRECK; Norwich’s 3 piece garage punk outfit was formed in the summer of 18’, playing rambunctious, intoxicated and undeniably attentive rock and roll.

WRECK was initially started as a bedroom project by frontman Diogo da Silva, and guitarist Matt Kennedy, but only became fully established after the two acquired, drummer, Sam Serazin to complete the three piece. WRECK immediately began writing/jamming and booking gigs throughout their home city of Norwich, and instantly started to gain traction in the city with talk of their wild, passionate, and unruly shows amongst the local scene. Although being heavily influenced by late 60’s/early 70’s proto punk and psychedelia, the band incorporate a modern rock and roll sound and modern themes in their songwriting, which keeps them up to date and relatable to their fans, whilst still being as vintage as ever.

The band continues to explore new sounds and play shows up and down the UK leaving a trail of recklessness in their wake...